The FE Complete Intermediate Proofer

Overhead proofer with FE complete intermediate proofers

Smallest design with maximum capacity.


Compatible with any shaper.



Fitted with swivel castors, it can be easily moved around your bakery.


Left or right unloading.

Schéma diviseuse traditionnelle


  • Perfect presentation in the shaper, because the dough pieces are not turned over during processing.
  • Electronic control panel, technology to make life easier:
  • Feed one by one, 2 complete intermediate proofers by 2 or at a rate of your choice. While unloading, automatic time-delayed feed is available, but manual feed is also possible.
  • You’ll be able to search for any type of complete intermediate proofer using its number, making it easy to find your baguettes, bread, specials, etc.
  • Excellent reliability and safety.
  • Removable water-repellent treated pure wool felt pockets.
  • Can be delivered in troughs.
  • Supplied with germicidal lamps as standard.
  • Three-phase.220/380V-50 /60Hz-0.67kW – Packaging: 2230 x 1090 x 1140 (LxDxH)
  • Quick assembly – in 3 hours!