Compact design with maximum capacity


Since you no longer need to manually handle planks, you can now work at the same height, at your own pace and in greater comfort


Manual feed via 2 side push buttons

Schéma diviseuse traditionnelle


  • Manual feed via 2 side push buttons.
  • Supplied with dough rounder and germicidal lamps.
  • Automatic chain tensioning.
  • To make it easier to move, the dough first proofer is fitted with swivel castors.
  • Three-phase. 220/380 V – 50/60Hz – 0.25 kW Packaging: 1130 x 800 x 1790 (LxDxH)

With the Mod’Arti option:


  • You can create cleaning cycles according the level of dirt on your felt.
  • You can choose your feed one by one, 2 complete intermediate proofers by 2 or at a rate of your choice.
  • You’ll be able to search for any type of complete intermediate proofer using its number, making it easy to find your baguettes, bread, specials, etc.