Senior Divider

Essential divider equipment

Cleaning is easy with automatic knife lift


“A.S.F. ”: Our dividers include an “anti-splatter flour system” in order to reduce flour emissions in the air


“Start & Div”: The motor is only powered when dividing dough: making it very energy efficient and quiet


Frame: sturdy treated and painted steel sheet. The side doors open quickly with a key

Schéma diviseuse Senior



  • Vat: The cast aluminium vat (better corrosion resistance), is rectangular, so the dough pieces are all identical for improved shaping.
  • PETP Floats: material with remarkable resistance and very low adhesion. This reduces the amount of flouring. The floats are pinned for tool-free removal and easy cleaning.
  • Knives: thick stainless steel. For cleaning, the knives raise automatically.